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The Hellenic Society of Constantinople was founded in 1939 by Katherine Tsifitopoulos and a handful of ladies who left Constantinople in less than favorable circumstances. As they began their new lives in Chicago they felt a strong obligation to sustain close ties to Constantinople and edify those around them of our rich history. In schools in the United States, our children are taught of the magnificence of the Byzantine Empire and that Constantinople was considered the Queen of all cities. Very little attention is given to the fact that Constantinople was and remains the seat of the Greek Orthodox faith.  It is the anchor which preserves all of our ties to Constantinople.  Today, we remain committed to our mission to support the few Greeks that remain in Constantinople, preserve our churches and support the religious freedoms of all Orthodox Christians in Turkey.


The Hellenic Society of Constantinople remains one of the first Societies created in the United States to perpetuate the vast contributions made by the Byzantines.  The Society is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  It donates to worthy philanthropic causes in the United States and abroad.  It has provided scholarships to students of Greek descent, commemorates the Fall of Constantinople annually and, in keeping with our mission to support the religious freedoms of all minorities in Asia Minor and abroad, we support the Patriarchate in Istanbul.

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