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Many of you were present at our showing of the movie “The Rose of Smyrna” and witnessed firsthand that we had an unexpected high attendance - 223 people to be exact! We started from 60 the week before, climbed to 120, and we would have been satisfied with the 160 reservations.   


The RSVPs we have learned from the past are always surpassed by the attendance, the question was how much food to acquire in order to accommodate everyone.  The ladies in their great wisdom were able to amass ample quantities as they anticipated more attendance.  Nothing extra was left and we had no waste.  We thank everyone profoundly for participating and honoring us with their presence. 

We will do it again!


Be on the lookout for another date in which we are planning on showing “The Politiki Kouzina”, the original showing of which was in 2005 at St. Andrew’s gym.  We think it is time to reshow the movie and reconnect with its theme.


We encourage you to send us your e-mail address to the following: hellenicsocietyofconstantinople@comcast.net  so we can give you a heads up! 


We thank you again for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at the next showing!


We would also like to thank the Consul General of Greece, Mrs. Ekaterina Demakis and her family, and the Vice Consul of Greece, Mr. Stathis Loukopoulos for honoring us with their presence.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming holiday season!


To the following Donors,

our Heartfelt “Thank You”


Bousis, Eleni

Chicago Greek Press

Fiesta Market

Giannoulias, Anna

Gyros Express

Kyros, Dr. Chris & Harriett

Metropoulos, Tammy

Olympia Foods

Omogeneia Newspaper

St. George Greek Orthodox Church